One of the things I knew was coming once I moved into what I call my Oasis is that I would have to speak up about my journey but also the healing.

That chapter starts today.

Part of starting the healing I’ve been on for years now means recognizing that something is broken.

It takes grieving over the fact that as you choose to heal some relationships will end and others will never be as close again.

It takes accepting change. Knowing that nothing will ever be the same. That some will understand and support you while others will shun you.

This is all part of the price of entry. That is the price that is paid when you choose to walk into destiny. 

Welcome to the new chapter my friend.

Where together we will take on personal growth, stepping out of our comfort zone and achieving the unimaginable to new heights.

If you’re on for the journey I want to be the first to say welcome to Radical Lives! 

Much Love,


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