If you’ve been in business long enough you’ve experienced this. The famous calls of people wanting discounts, questioning your ability to deliver or simply not taking you seriously. Now if you haven’t that’s great, but you still want to stick around. You see while there’s people that will do this because it’s in their nature, this behavior can also be triggered by how you present your business. The 3 things I’m going to share are often overlooks yet just about every business this day has them and uses them daily.

  1. Your Phone System: Now I’m not talking about getting some expensive $500 dollar a month phone bill. What i’m talking about is giving your business a professional image, that will let your customers know you’re not only a real business, but that you take things seriously. So if you’re using google talk, or your cell phone number it’s time to stop. Yes! Nothing screams amateur business that’s broke or fly by night more that cell phone only or google phones. Go spend a little bit of money and get your self a good reliable business phone service. I personally use ring central. There’s other services like ring by name and others that can provide you with a dedicated business line where you can set up your hours, and voice mail in a professional matter.


  1. Your website: It’s not needed to have a website when starting out, but if you do decide to have one, you have to know what you’re doing. Pop ups, flash, and a tone of graphics may look really cool but for some older systems or technology challenged people it’s a nightmare. The site is now loading slow, they cant see the flash and before you know it you lost that client. When having your site built think of the users, not your taste. Make sure the videos and motion graphics are in HTML 5 not flash, disable that darn pop up, make sure the colors provoke the right feelings on your site and make it easy to navigate. the info has to be easy to understand and easy to find. You also need a good reliable platform. I recommend wordpress. If you don’t have a clue about how to do all this, Freelance, Fiver, Odesk and many other sites have independent designers that know how to get it done for a small fee. Make a budget for this! Fixing the mistakes and changing platforms later can not only cost you a ton in labor later but also in sales.


  1. Your Facebook: Facebook is a great tool if used right. The biggest thing is that you have to understand it. It is not a bulletin board to constantly put your product or service ads on, it is not your place to go off on people and it’s not a magic page that you create, and all the sudden everyone will come to it. Your facebook page is the place where you build a relationship with your clients, let them know about your products and services, but mainly get to know them. Nothing pains more that liking a page that never talks to you, they just post buy my product every other post. Some pages do it so much you almost feel the need to shower after words, because of all the sleazy pimping taking place. You don’t want that to be your page. A great resource to learn more is the book Jab, Jab, Jab, Hook. It give’s you a very clear blue print of the do’s and don’t not just of Facebook but other social media platforms as well.

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