Two young women having coffee break togetherOne thing that I often struggled with in my younger years was good relationships. I often ended up with people who did more harm than good. It wasn’t that I purposely went for these people, it was that I honestly didn’t know what a healthy relationship was.

Not knowing who to trust and how much to trust also left me in some undesirable situations. Everything from gossip, manipulation, and often times a feeling of unworthiness and helplessness.

As the years went by I set out to learn what a healthy relationship was. It was during this time that I identified something that changed my life. It was learning about safe and unsafe people. As I started to look back it was clear to me that most of my life I had been surrounded by unsafe people.

This is also the case for many, maybe even you. When we’re used to disfunction we accept it as normal. That was my case. I thought the bullying, manipulation, and emotional abuse was normal. Thankfully as it turns out I was wrong. The truth is that safe people have a particular way of doing things and communicating that empower, encourage and promotes growth.

Have you ever been around someone that just makes you feel like a million bucks! You know that person that always has the right words at the right time, and even when you mess up they gracefully correct you and give you a hand to get back up. These are safe people.

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