Fe is the CEO and Founder of Radical Lives. She and one of her businesses, JHSC, have been featured as entrepreneur of the month on Army Spouse Magazine, numerous radio shows and is a recipient of the EMA Award for best family owned business of the year in the city of El Paso, TX. JHSC is a handmade cosmetics business she built from her kitchen table into a retail store and international e-commerce. Fe has since then collaborated with for profit & nonprofit organizations to help them streamline their processes, implement technology, social media strategies, branding as well as training and building of their leadership. Today she is using all of her years of experience and skills to help individuals who operate their own businesses in the handmade cosmetics industry succeed.


 Fe wanted to create a business that impacts the community not just financially but also the mind body and soul. After a life-threatening medical condition, Fe decided it was time to stop worrying about what the critics would say and just jump in!  She realized that although she loves her business in the cosmetics manufacturing industry, there was more to life & business. After coaching countless clients that would come to her retail store through problems like business cash flow, branding, marketing, mindset, spiritual etc. she knew someone had to fill the void. Rather than waiting for someone to come and save the day, she began Radical Lives.
Fe is a firm believer that every aspect of life is integral. There’s no such thing as separating personal and business. Life is life and what happens in one area affects the other. If one's health is poor, family work and spiritual life get affected as well. This is why on this site and through our brands you will see that Fe addresses all aspects of life.
We want your entire being to be taken care of. We want to help you get to the root of the problem and solve it so that you can move on in life and live that “Life that is truly life”. A life of true abundance and freedom!


Transforming the way people live across the world. We’re not just providing high-quality products and services, we’re on a mission to transform the lives of those we come in contact, with the message of Love, Justice, and Hope.


Love: “Don’t run up debts, except for the huge debt of love you owe each other.”

We believe that everyone regardless of their faith, the color of skin, nationality, sexual preference or gender deserves to be loved and respected. That is the way God intended us to live and that’s how we will encourage others to live. Our differences shall not become the wedge that contributes to the division of society. We agree that it’s ok to disagree and that through that diversity we can not only learn but discover the purity and great value of true unconditional agape love.

Justice: We believe that no one should be subject to inhumane conditions or abuse of any kind. That is why we join forces with organizations that help the homeless, orphans, the abused and free children from the sex trafficking trade. We don’t only want them to be free to live a quality life but ensure that those who oppress the innocent will never have the opportunity to do so again. We are the voice for those who have none. For “you’re one happy man when you do what’s right, one happy woman when you form the habit of justice.”

Hope: We believe that everyone regardless of their past or their struggles have the ability to become great. Greatness is for everyone. We shall not judge the book by the cover, but rather take the time to read the content. We will encourage everyone we encounter to grow, thrive and reach their full potential. We will not lose hope in humanity because of a few, but rather we will help the light of those who walk in wisdom and strive for positive change, to shine brightly. “Wisdom is like honey for your life — if you find it, your future is bright.”


Our mission is to provide quality content, products & services that inspire, and transform lives. We do this by bringing real solutions that better all aspects of life. All while cultivating a culture of collaboration where our team, community, and other businesses can thrive, walk in abundance, help each other and discover.