As I’ve matured in age and wisdom some things have come into full perspective. The biggest one is the human factor.

When I was in my 20’s I used to think knowledge was everything. I would hammer it down peoples throat and if you didn’t see life the way I did, well you were stupid.

I know cringe-worthy and very arrogant on my part.

So what changes?


Having lived on this earth just a few years short of 40 has taught me a thing or to about us humans.

The main one being, everyone wants to know someone cares about them.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been called to do a business presentation yet never get to it because I sense something more important needs to take place.

I’ll never forget the time a friend of a family member requested that I come to her house and share more about the direct sales company product I was consuming. When I got there I was prepared to do my pitch and close the sale.


Something was definitely different. Her face said something was troubling her deeply and if she didn’t get it out it was going to end ugly. So I shifted gear.

What happened next I wasn’t expecting!

She opened up and share some really intimate things that had her feeling hopeless and contemplating suicide.

Our conversation led to her feeling better and finding some peace.

I hate to think that if in that moment of decision I had chosen the sale over the human she could have ended her life.

I don’t know that I could have lived with knowing I had the opportunity to help her and I didn’t.

You see in this entrepreneurial journey while it is important to make that cash, it is even more important that we remain human. That we stay connected to empathy, love, kindness, and respect.

That day I didn’t close the sale I had initially thought of. However, I closed the most important sale of my life. The sale of giving life one more chance. That right there made me richer than any amount of money in the bank.

Today a wife, mother, and grandma is alive because I stayed connected to the human factor.

Stay connected my friends. As I’ve learned some things are so valuable that they are priceless. Some riches are far greater than gold.

Go out of your way to collect the riches money can’t buy! That right there is what truly makes waking up every morning worth it.

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