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For the last week I’ve been taking some time to just nurture my spirit mind, body and soul. While meditating I came to ask my self a question. The question was How can I be a better friend? boy I was not ready for the answer I got. I’m very open about my faith (one we don’t have to share. Be free to do your thing love) so I will be using the word God. Ok back to the answer 😀

So like I said I was so not ready for the answer I got. You see I’m the type of friend that always wants to be there for others in their time of need, this is why God told me very clearly “you’ll be a better friend by learning to say no“. I have to admit when I head that I wanted to smack my self you know, the good old Face Palm lol. This is when it dawned on me that part of being a good friend and loving on others is allowing them to figure out their own way through the struggle. Trying to fix or figure out a solution for your friends is sometimes the very thing that hinders them and keeps them from achieving their dreams and reaching their true potential.

What was more eye opening to me is that this very principal of giving others the room to find their way applies to parenting, work, business etc. This is not just for the good of the person but for our own good too. When we’re so busy being everything to everyone we neglect areas of our own lives that are vital to our own growth. When this pattern continues for a long time we can end up hindering ourselves not to mention mentally and emotionally exhausting our selves.

God never intended for us to be everything to everyone. He’s our everything. We’re designed to seek him for our needs. When we put other thing in the place God belongs we become spiritually bankrupt and malnourished.

Now this doesn’t mean stop helping people. This means to simply have the wisdom to know when it’s time to pull back and allow others to grow wings and fly.