To have a better life you need, commitment, determination and faith. That will push you to use the library when you’re not able to buy the book, to do what you have to do to go back to school, train, manage your finances wisely & say no to instant gratification because you have a goal to reach. To do what’s hard even when it’s uncomfortable.

To help someone because you know that even with your current struggles you’re abundantly blessed.

When you grow inside (in your soul) you learn that money is a tool. It provides shelter, food, it can save a life, not because it has power, but rather because you gave it power. Not the power from the outside (fame, popularity, spotlight) but rather the power that was already in you (since birth). That power that flows from the heart and the depth of your soul.

You realize that to obtain abundance in all areas of life (not just money and material thing), allows you to be the light in someone else’s darkness.

You’re now a messenger, evangelist for truth. A facilitator not an enabler. You learn that what people put skin into they value and respect. Handouts & instant fixes robs them of knowing the worth, the value of what’s been placed in their hands. – Selah