With the rapid growth of social media it is evident that marketing has changed as a whole. The days of just saying “buy my product” are over. Frankly this is a great thing! The days of treating consumers like cattle is over. Today more than ever businesses have to recognize that they’re dealing with people not numbers. Those businesses who thrive know this very well. People want to know that you see them for what they are, a human been. They don’t want you to sell to them, they want you to communicate.

How exactly do you communicate

Regardless of the size of your organization there is 4 types of personalities. Reds, greens, yellows and blues. They all have their own language for communicating and for how they do things. It is something we each are born with. It is part of our cognitive actions, our instinct.

Reds for the most part are very sharp dressers you will know them because they not only wear the best their money can buy, but they walk with great confidence, when they walk in a room people notice them and they are usually very high achievers. They usually hang around very influential people and are very well connected. They’re also the kind who hustle like nobody’s business. Seriously!  they run hard, use the word hustle a lot and they’re always busy and on the go. When communicating with this type of person you need to be direct and to the point. The bottom line for them is how it’s going to help them reach their goals and make more money. Yes, they are driven by money. Now don’t look at them as greedy jerks. The truth is we need the reds in our lives. These guys keep organization profitable, they are great at rallying up people and igniting the drive and motivation in others. As clients they will be the ones that will tell the world “this is the best product on the planet” and people will believe them because they have the reputation of only using the best of the best. As team members, they’re the ones that will drive people to accomplish the impossible, nailing it and often going past it. They want to be at the top and will do it. They love a good challenge and proving to the world what they’re capable of. They’re make great athletes, lawyers, and public figures.

Greens are the ones who love facts, figures and organization. With greens you are going to have to curb your excitement. they are more mellow and analytical. You will find that greens want in depth information and the space to do some research of their own. They want to know the track record of the organization and read the testimonials along with the science behind your product or service. Don’t take it personal. This type of individual is not driven by popular consensus, they are driven by education. So be patient and educate them. If you don’t know the answer to their questions, don’t bluff, say you don’t have the answer but that you’ll be happy to research and find it. They will respect you for your honesty and your integrity. They are very budget minded and great at managing money. This means they don’t spend on impulse. they have to see the value. If they see it you will see them buy from you for years to come. You see they are the kind that if it isn’t broken, don’t fix it. Some will have some real oldies but they’re goodies why? because they did their research and purchase a well built high quality item. So any business catering to greens needs depth. the ooh shiny factor does not work with these individuals. They won’t take you seriously and move on. In your team greens are extremely valuable, They keep reds on track with the budgets and deadlines. They know how to keep things organized and on track. They make amazing administrators, assistants, accountants and quality control people.

Yellows are a more gentle type. Now don’t mistake that for weakness. Yellows are soft spoken and reserved in large crowds but are probably one of the strongest people you’ll ever meet. They can handle the storms like no other. They are the caregivers of the world. When things get tough they shine bright. Yellows are naturally hard wired to help others. They are service oriented. They are the kind that make everyone feel super special and like they’re the only ones in the room. They just make you feel good no matter what. They’re down to earth, wear things that are comfy and love to work but do it in the background. You will see them doing charity and humanitarian work. They’re driven by causes and making the lives of others better.  With yellows they’re going to have to see your company culture and the ethics behind your products and services.  They need to know that you’re doing right by people and our world. And while they’re extremely giving and caring they have a built in BS meter. They can tell a mile away when you’re buttering them up to get your way and when you’re trying to use their giving nature as a means to take advantage of them. So be 100% genuine. Just because they’re introverts and quiet doesn’t mean they don’t have a back bone. Don’t force or try to manipulate in any way. While they’re the most loyal out of all the personalities, when you burn a bridge with them, you burn it for good. You can essentially consider yourself dead to them. As clients they will be the ones that come help you out voluntarily, they will find ways to create awareness and they will shower you with appreciation. In your team they’re the ones who will make sure everyone is taken care including your customers. They go above and beyond in customer service. They have really great listening skills and are great at defusing heated situations.  You want their input when it comes to customer relations, building a healthy culture and improving morale. They know people and are in tune with the feelings of others. They’re also very trusted so people tend to open up more to them. So they make great mediators. They usually are the ones that are good with words and can clear up the misunderstanding that the other personalities may create.

Blues are born to party!  seriously they are the life of the party. They are the funny, easy to get along with and fun personalities. Just like with the reds, you’ll never have a boring moment with them. They also make you feel like a million bucks. When they’re excited they will talk a million miles an hour. Although they talk a million miles an hour no matter what. They are verbal processors so at times it can feel like they’re having a conversation with themselves because you don’t get much in. They absolutely need a social life just like reds. The solitude that works great for yellows and greens would kill their spirit. they’re fueled by people. So if your product or service can help them have fun, improve their quality of life or help them be more social, you’ve got their attention. Skip the facts and figures they’re not interested in that at all. In fact it bores them to no end. What drives them is the excitement and the crowds. Unique experiences they can tell some great stories and jokes with. So learn to entertain them! So long as you can catch their attention you will catch their sales. Get a little wild! They’re also great with people but not very organized so make sure that when in your team you pair them with a green and a yellow. The green will keep them organized and manage the schedule and the yellow will help them stay focused. Add a red to the mix and man do you have yourself one heck of an exciting team to work with. Blues are great as promoters, creatives, party planners and gathering the masses. Whatever you do don’t stick them in a desk job. they will do ok for a while but once the excitement wears off so will their productivity. These individuals thrive when they can work remotely and make their own schedule. they’re super creative and need that freedom. You will usually see them in careers such as graphic design, photography, freelance work, artist etc. So while structure is good they need a little more freedom than the rest.


As you can see personalities are fascinating! If you can learn to read the people you work and do business with, you will learn how to better meet their needs. So take some time to learn this skill. It’s not just for your career but it will help you better understand your family and friends too. This is valuable as it will help build stronger relationships all around. A great resource to help you dive in and learn more about personalities is http://www.personalityhacker.com/ They have tons of resources to help you learn and master your personality as well as master how to effectively communicate with the others. There’s also an easy to read book on this topic by Big Al Schreiter that can be found on amazon. http://amzn.to/2cHyqm5. If you truly want to increase your income, have financial security, help others and have the time of your life doing so, make this a priority on your list of skills to master.