If you are the type of person who has multiple content distribution methods, this is for you. For instance, if you have more than one blog, or for instance you also have video or a podcast, I want to share a little trick with you that is going to help you stay organized, but also that it’s  going to serve as an archive as to what you did for content for that particular month or year.

And, it is very simple. You can either purchase a calendar, you know, the normal monthly calendar where it has a grid with every single day of the week, and the days, and it just shows 30 days, and it’s just the small little squares. That kind of calendar; you can buy one at the dollar store, or you can print one online that has the months and dates for the particular year that you’re working in.

Then check this out, you need to determine what day of the week you’re going to publish specific content. So, for instance, from now on, we’re going to be doing podcast Thursdays, so on Thursdays, I am going to be publishing all of the podcasts. Then, what you do, is on every single Thursday for the week, which for instance, the month of September 2016, there is a total of five Thursday’s. I am going to write the name of the podcasts that are going to be scheduled and published on those particular five Thursday’s of the month of September. If you do not have any content for those days, leave it blank!

And, the great thing is, write it with pencil. Or, if you love to write in pen, but you want to be able to erase if you make a mistake, I highly recommend frictionball by pilot, and what’s amazing is they’re actually erasable. So it’s really super cool; they have a little eraser in the top that you can use to erase, or you can put the sheet of paper in the microwave for a couple of seconds, and it will actually delete the ink too, so it’s super awesome.

You can do it that way, and you can write in whatever color you want; I also recommend that you color-code your content on the calendar, so it’s easier for you tell. So, for instance, the podcasts, I do them in pink. Everything in pink, I know is a podcast, and I know whether or not immediately, whether I have something to publish that day or not.

Now let’s say you’re doing articles, and let’s say you only publish articles in one blog, but you do multiple topics. So, let’s say you want to do a food topic, because maybe you post recipes, then pick a color for the recipes, and pick a date, and on every single day of that month that falls on that particular day, like if it’s a Friday, or a Tuesday, or whatever, and you do that. If you write articles about business, when are you going to write those? Articles about faith, when are you going to write those? And, assign a specific day of the week for every single one of those articles.

Now, the other thing that I recommend, is in the back of that particular calendar, that’s why I recommend that you print a calendar sheet out rather than purchase a calendar, because then the back of the sheet is blank, and now you can use the back of that sheet to brainstorm some article titles, as well as outline them, or you can create the outline for one of your podcasts, etc. Then you can kinda play around, especially if you’re trying to create a theme of a specific topic for that week or for that month, like that, you can do that. And, that is just a fantastic way of getting that done, and I highly, highly, highly recommend it.

Another great thing about this, is that when you follow this method, you can see what content you’ve already done, what content you need to do, but also, it helps you keep track of what you’ve been doing, and now you can also go back and see, “Hey, this topic was popular, I need to do more context along this line, this wasn’t so popular, I won’t be talking about this topic anymore…”, and it just kinda serves as a log, and it also helps you know, because maybe somebody could be emailing you and saying, “Hey, I’m trying to find this particular podcast,” because maybe by now, you have hundreds of thousands of podcasts, and people are trying to figure out what the name of it was, “and it was on this particular topic, what date did you do that?” (It was last year, or this year…) etc. Now you have the ability to go back to the calendar for that particular year, and quickly pinpoint what the specific title for that podcast was, and what date it was scheduled, so now you’re able to share the link with that person, or guide them to the exact name that they can search in your website for that particular title.

So, I hope this helps you, it’s a really easy way to manage your content and kinda plan it and keep it in your face without it being overwhelming or having to go into any hi-tech tools, or special software on your computer, and it just helps you stay more organized so you know exactly where you’re at, and where you need to be.

And also, I highly recommend doing these, because even for tasks that you have to do during the day aside from your content, because it helps you visualize where you’re at, and whether you’re behind, you’re on schedule, or ahead, so it helps you adjust your time management a lot better.