MrsJones-02As you may have read on Facebook. Friday nights is date night for hubby and I. As a couple it’s important that we take time for each other. The Idea list I’m putting together is geared towards free and very inexpensive ways to do date night.

Some things are local events, but if you’re out of town you can look for something similar in your area.

  • Check  Sometimes they have events that are free and tons of fun.
  • El paso has many things in the summer like Movies in the Canyon
  • You also have Dancing under the stars
  • When you want to go eat a restaurant, find coupons or deals on groupon for your favorite restaurant. Sometimes you can get a great deal and both of you can dine for the price of one.
  • You can pack a picnic and just go hang out at a park or a scenic park like those located at Transmountain.
  • If you really want to go on a budget, Mc Donalds and Burger King both have ice cream comes for 50 cents and Mc Donalds has $1.00 drinks any size. Get some and go for a long drive.
  • Bowling
  • movies (some cities have dollar movies). El paso has  Montwood 7 movies are $2.00 everyday and $1.00 on tuesdays!
  • During the summer and spring break theme parks also have discounted admission packages. Take advantage of them. We took our boys during spring break to one of the local parks. We had a blast and scored 2 free tickets to go do laser tag! So yes hubby and I will be doing laser tag 😀
  • Take turns with other couples. One night you watch their kids, the next they watch yours. That helps both of you and keeps expenses low.
  • Places to get a good meal cheap are easy to find. Most chain restaurants have a 2 for $20 menu.
  • If budget is a real stretch and you want to go all out. Set up a Fun budget. Every time you get paid, save x amount of dollars towards date night. When you have all the money you need go and blow it guilt free! That money can be towards a hotel stay and a nice dinner at a 5 star restaurant. a weekend getaway. etc.

The point of date night is not about spending money, but rather quality time together. It’s a time to reconnect, talk and sweep each other off your feet! If you have small kids and no child care, send them to bed early. them plan dinner and a movie at home. We’ve done that plenty of times. Our kids now know that when we say it’s “Smooch night” they go to bed early and don’t come out that room ;D. Trust me your kids want you to spend time together. Happy parents mean they get the best parents.

Please don’t look at date nights as an optional thing. All couples need alone time. It’s just as vital as air and food. Without it you get stuck in a rut. Before you know it familiarity kicks in and now you’re just room mates who share a bed. Work, family, kids are all important but so is your spouse. Don’t let lif get centered around everything else. God 1st, then your spouse, then your kids then work and everything else (friends, extended family) etc. Keep it in that order and get ready for some of the most amazing years of your life!

If you have any ideas please share them in the comments section. As I find more I’ll make sure to add them to this post.


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