Discounts and reduced wages


I’ve been studying the scripture to prep for a new class I’ll be sharing with business owners and those in management positions. Many have asked me to share more about what the word says in regards to operating a business and I really want to share some light on that.

As I dig deep one thing (out of many) is very clear to me. No person or organization can prosper and have God’s blessing if they don’t financially compensate adequately their employees and or contractors. God Himself says in his word that to cheat workers of their wages is not only theft but also murder. (see James 5:4-6)

This leads me to say this. If one is not able to pay what one person or service is worth either learn to do it yourself or find someone who’s already established rates are within what you can pay. By no means manipulate, or try to convince them to give you a discount. You’re robbing that person when you do that. They’re providing a service to bless you or your organization, they’re earning that pay.

 This is one of the reason so may organizations are dealing with lack and even closing their doors. Now don’t get me wrong there’s nothing wrong with being competitive and seeking the best price for the service you need. Like I said above, if who you’re wanting to hire is not in your budget, it is best that you wait until you’re able to afford it or find another provider that can provide the services for the budget you have without having haggle them down on their fees. If the provider (without you asking or hinting) decides to discount their services that is one thing. Receive it as a blessing from God and from that provider. But if you’re doing anything that will even remotely make the other person feel pressured into giving you a discount, you’re in the wrong.
There’s such a great blessing and fulfillment when we’re able to make those sacrifices and compensate people justly. It not only opens the doors for God to trust us with more , but also fills us with a great sense of accomplishment. We’re not only helping ourselves but also helping that service provider care for their family and team. It’s a full circle, you give, it is given back to you.

Resource: A great tool for those of you who are hiring employees is Glassdoor you can search what the annual salary or hourly rate is for the position you’re trying to fill.