2012 Race For The Cure – Laurie, My Mom & Me with one of the local fire fighters after completing the walk.

You see the girl on the far left? That is one of the most amazing friends a girl can have. Her name is Laurie. That day looks like a fun day (and it was) but it was also the day she overcame some obstacles in her life. We cried and laugh together. But that day she made a choice that has transformed her life. The funny thing is we have completely different views. Oh yes everything from politics to religion. The thing that makes her friendship so amazing is that we have the freedom to be different. We have the freedom to be who we are. That is priceless! If you ever get to have her in your life treasure her. She’s truly a gift.

I remember the 1st day we met. It was at the lobby of the Ft. Bliss Exchange (PX) near the food court. She was new to El Paso and a friend whom I met because of the Lotion Bars Introduced us. We hit it off right away. I could have been judgmental of her tattoos and the experiences she shared with me. Instead my heart leaped for joy. I remember telling my self “She’s so real! I love her”. She’s so real, What you see is what you get.

Little did I know I was in for an amazing journey. See Laurie was told she would never be able to have children. I was in awe at her when she would speak about this topic. She came to peace with it. She was very encouraging to be exact.

Now fast forward several months. She calls me one day and tells me how she feels sick and has been that way for weeks. I tell her when you go to the hospital make sure they do a pregnancy test. I know what the doctors have said, but I had the same symptoms in my 1st pregnancy. A few hours later she calls with the big news. “Fe, they say I’m pregnant!”. I got in my car right away and met her at the hospital. Laurie’s face was priceless. The shock and excitement all at the same time. I tell you, I wouldn’t trade this moment for anything. I was witnessing a miracle!

Today Laurie is just a few months from giving birth to a baby girl. Watching her belly grow, and seeing the preparation for baby Z’s arrival. To think I could have missed out on this had I judged the book by the cover!

Sometimes our biggest blessings come in unexpected packages. I know for me Laurie has been a huge blessing. Her uniqueness has taught me a lot.

Share with me, what is your Life’s little miracle?


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