Yesterday I was working out with a new friend and an old buddy. It was a typical boxers workout, lots of work, muscle burn and sweat. Between the running, the burpees and the 1000’s of punches, there was a few time my mind wanted me to quit. It was at this moment that I caught on to something we all have but often are not aware of, our Mindset.

Our mindset determines the path we follow! You see our body & actions follow what our mind says always. Yesterday was no different, I knew if I wanted to get through the rope workout I had to change my thought from I can’t to Is that all you’ve got? I had to challenge my self. Yes challenge my self. That is what determined whether I finished or quit. Today I want you to focus on the goals you have, not the obstacles. It is what you focus on that you get good at. So focus on the end result.



If you’ve followed Diana’s story you know she swam from Cuba to Florida just a few months ago. She is considered the world toughest athlete and she’s 62 years old. During her 1st attempt at this swim she got stung by Jelly Fish numerous times. This incident cut her 1st attempt short. The amazing thing was her mindset she didn’t give up but instead Found a way. In fact during her entire swim, when exhaustion would set in and the pain was no longer something she could ignore he mantra was Find A Way.  Let me repeat this Find A Way! don’t quit, don’t give up just find a way to make it work.

If you want to learn more about Diana you can visit her Facebook page

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