MrsJOnesSoulFood-01There comes a time in all of our lives where we need to take time to regroup. We’re so busy with our responsibilities that we often put our selves on the back burner. I know as for me I found myself doing this once again. I know that for me this is not a good place to be, that’s exactly what got my health deteriorating and I’m not about to repeat that painful mistake again. So what to do? It’s time to regain balance. I don’t share this with you because I’m superior but because I’m not. I have many flaws and fall often. I’m not always on top of my game and at times if I don’t watch my self I can become either a workaholic or the other extreme where I burn out so bad I just don’t want to do a thing.

I’ve learned not to strive for perfection but instead strive for excellence. Yes there’s a huge difference. Perfection comes out of insecurities and a desire for people approval. Although it is important in some areas of life to have the approval of others, when it becomes the main focus, we fail to be our selves and worst of all we place that person in God’s place. This behavior will hinder us and put us for a roller coaster of emotions. There’s always going to be someone who will not find it to be good enough. Excellence on the other hand is where one strives to give their best in all they do. There’s no regrets and at the end of the day because we gave our all, even when the outcome is not what we desired we are at peace with ourselves. We know we stayed true to ourselves and our values. It is the place where win or fail we’re constantly learning from life and sharpening our skills. In continuous motion towards growth. This is the place where we become great, where we can shine and thrive. This is where we all need to be.

So this week as you may have read on Facebook I’m going on a retreat. In fact by the time you read this message I’ll be clear into day 4 of my retreat. No I’m not going out of town, I’m right here in my home unplugged from everything for several hours of my day taking time to rest, and care for my body mind and soul. While it is ideal to go to the Bahamas or Fiji (oh yes Fiji lol). We have to learn the skill of centering ourselves in the middle of the Chaos. There’s going to be times where your health and mental sanity will depend on ones ability to find the peace in the middle of the storm and you’re not going to have time to plan a vacation and book a flight.

Here’s a few of the things I do to find my balance at home:

  1. Take extra time for prayer and meditation
  2. Read books that feed and nurture my soul
  3. Spend some quiet time paying close attention to my thoughts. If my thoughts are toxic I find the root of the issue and deal with it.
  4. Feed my body well balanced meals. You’ll be amazed at how far this goes.

The goal is to find your balance in God and yourself not in others or things. My balance comes when God is number 1 in my life, then in order my spouse, children and career.  If my career becomes #1 or any others I become so off balance that everything gets affected in a negative way specially my health.  I don’t know what your balance looks like right now, but if you’re feeling like life is spiraling out of control, you find yourself in more arguments or even down, odds are something in your life is out of balance. I encourage you to take time to re-balance yourself. It is the best move one could even make.

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