Struggling to find new customers?

Struggling to find new customers?

I want to help you Tap into an unlimited source of Dream Clients and start earning what you really want

Today I share a simple tool that took my handmade cosmetics business from struggling to a thriving and award-winning business.


Receiving 1st ever EMA (Extraordinary Minority Awards) by the MBDA Business Center of El Paso & The Hispanic Chamber of Commerce under the category of Family-Owned Business of the year...

Anyone Who Has Tried to finds more clients and increase their sales Has Run into One of these problems...

You have...

· tried running ads which ended up costing a lot of money and no new clients.

· created multiple social media accounts which only resulted in more work, with no results.

...and oh yeah, you probably have even...

· tried pitching to your family and friends which led to being avoided and ruined relationships.

It's really no wonder that most people who try to find the dream clients and tap into an unlimited source of leads give up.

But the truth is...

Finally Being Able to grow into a thriving business is Much Closer Than You Think...


Hey there,

Fe Jones here and yes, I've been down the same road.

These days, things have gotten much better...

I'm finally able to find my dream clients generate the income I want.

But I've never forgotten the frustration before seeing any improvement.

Having Tried it All, I Was Beaten Down and Ready to Throw in the Towel

Roadblocks were my constant reality.

What often stopped me dead in my tracks was, I didn't know where to find my dream client, I didn't have a lot of money to spend on marketing, and I couldn't find the right resources to help me.

Of course, I'm sure you know exactly what I mean.

So you couldn't blame me for wanting to give up when this sounds so familiar to you...

· You've tried running ads which resulted in spending a lot of money and no new clients.

· You've created multiple social media pages for your business which resulted in more work and no results.

· You've tried pitching to your family and friends which just ended in being avoided by your loved ones and ruined relationships.

They say the definition of insanity is expecting the same action to produce different results. Well... being a fairly sane person, I was out of fresh ideas. And nothing worked.

But before I pulled the plug entirely...

Something Happened that Changed Everything...

I was steps away from giving up when I was brainstorming for ways to get my product in front of potential customers.

I could hardly believe success had happened. After making so many calculated mistakes, I couldn't believe I had stumbled on the answer.

However, knowing I wasn't the only one who had suffered from this problem, I had to share my formula of success.

After all, I wasn't anything special. I wasn't more deserving of this success. I simply had a stroke of luck that came my way.

Which is why I'm so glad you've stumbled your own way to this page I can't wait to introduce you to...


Find Your Tribe

The "Secret" workbook that will help you

find your dream clients generate the kind of income you want.

If you want to know how I was able to grow a handmade cosmetics idea into a thriving retail store and award-winning business... well... this is it.

And trust me, this solution is likely going to frustrate you. Not because it doesn't work. But because you'll be shocked at how simple it is (I honestly couldn't believe it myself!)

Here's How Find Your Tribe Workbook Will Benefit You:

  • You will be able to identify who your dream client is, where they are, and how to attract them. 


  • You will be able to create products your dream clients wants to buy


  • You will learn how to think like your dream client and communicate the benefits of your product in an attractive, compelling way that leads them to purchase.


But just because this worked for me, how do you know it will work for you?

Fair question.

And I expected it, which is why I put the content in this workbook through the ringer.

Here's What Some of Our Coaching Clients Had to Say About Find Your Tribe


It's been amazing working with you! I've learned so much! Thank you for all you've done, are doing, and will do! -Chef Mel

It's been amazing working with you! Thank you for giving me the courage to try again and believing in me. This is exactly what I needed. -Sabrina

I'm a straight-to-the-point kind of person. 


You could always hire a marketing company to find your clients which will cost you $3000.00 or more per month. There's also the option of buying email marketing lists from a lead generating company which will run you at least $200.00 per list and you run the risk of getting your email account shut down.

Or there's also the options continuing to struggle for months trying to figure it out on your own. I have no doubt that you could figure it out, but why waste any more time risking having to close your doors for good for lack of income?

And don't worry

You won't have to pay anywhere near $3000.00 per month or $200.00 per list.

And to be 100% sure you get an immense amount of value from this offer, I'm going to kick it up a notch.

So on top of getting the Find Your Tribe workbook that will teach you :

  • How to identify who your dream client is, where they are, and how to attract them. 

  • How to create products your dream clients wants to buy

  • How to think like your dream client and communicate the benefits of your product in an attractive, compelling way that leads them to purchase.


I'm also removing the risk. You can give this workbook a shot for 30 days. If you don't learn a thing you can use to grow your business, I'll be happy to give you your money back. 

And because I really what you to succeed. When You Secure Your Copy of the Find Your Tribe Workbook Today, I'm also including special access to a special masterclass recorded just for you, to help you jumpstart your results.

You'll get The Find Your Tribe Workbook and the master class for...





Grab Find Your Tribe right now,  be on your way to finding your dream clients, and earning the income you want. All you have to do is click the order now button above.