I’m sitting here in my office praying for all of you and feel a really strong word from God saying “Get to know the seasons”.  Ecclesiastes talks about how there’s time for everything under the sun”.  This also include time to rest. Some of you are suffering greatly from your health because you’re failing to honor God with rest.

It is vital that you don’t confuse serving God with codependency, workaholic tendencies or neglecting your physical needs. Look I’m no stranger to this. For years I functioned on 4-5 hours of sleep and worked 7 days a week. If it wasn’t in my business it was at home or at church. Eventually it caught up to me and ended up bed ridden. At this point I was no good to my self or others.

God’s word is not a self help book, it is The FOUNDATION of our lives. So when it says rest one day a week, delegate, don’t neglect your relationships, it’s not a suggestion it is a mandate if we want our house built on the rock. I get it if you’re not too keen of the bible, you don’t have to be a christian to follow this. Even the medical community speaks of these very truths and there’s extensive scientific research to show the results of lack of rest, stress, no social life or relationships on the body and the mind.

Break that poverty mentality that says the only way to get results is to work around the clock. Is God not able to provide? The orphan spirit has to go too my friend. God doesn’t need you to earn his acceptance, grace and favor. He gave those to you for free. Your value does not come from what you do or don’t do. You are already priceless my love.

Start to set boundaries for your life today, start to care for you. It’s not selfish it’s biblical.


Much Love,

Mrs. Jones