If the world of social media didn’t already have enough toxicity, this year we have election year. And I don’t know about you, but there’s been times this year where I found myself irritated and cranky because of the things I read. It’s like a train wreck! You know it’s bad but just can’t help looking.  The problem with this is that I felt my self changing and becoming negative. Has that happen to you?  In light of it happening to me here are a few things I’m totally thanking Mark Zuckerberg for!


  •  Unfollow & hide feature: Can we all say “Thank you Mark!”   Sometimes it’s hard to unfriend some people because they’re individuals we really care about. We know that most of the time they’re amazing to hang with except for during political times. Don’t be afraid to use it. It keeps the peace and preserved friendships!


  • Have some down time: So guilty of spending way more time than I should connected to my electronic devices. I personally found that something about being connected all the time to social media, the news etc. Just didn’t bring out the best in me. So I’ve learned to have specific time blocks of the day where I’m just enjoying a good book, taking a nap, playing a board game with the kids or enjoying a good conversation.


  • Focus on good things: It’s so easy to get carried away with all of the news, campaigns ads etc. Keep your peace by focusing on good noble things. Volunteer for a good cause, listen to some uplifting music, read a book that inspires you. Do things that feed your soul fill you with peace and joy.


I encourage you to seek to find peace and hang on to it no matter what. Having a cheerful disposition is medicine for our bones.  Do the things that help you keep your peace and joy. Nothing not even politics is worth losing your peace.