Boy did I have a lot of critics in my life. Being Dyslexic I had some challenges to overcome early on. That made me a little slower than my counterparts to process information and execute tasks. Everything on my corner said I was not going to amount to much if anything. I was a straight C.D and F student. When I got an A or B (which was rarely) I never got my hopes up because I knew it wasn’t going to last. And let’s not talk about testing. I was either the last one or the lowest grade and often both at the same time.

That kind of performance in my early years came with criticism, opinions and comparison from a lot of people. So much I drank the kool aid and believed it for a long time. Then came the day ( in my mid 20’s may I add ) that something snapped in me. I was pissed off and I had it with the labels placed on my by critics. Something in me said I was made for more.

When I set out to be all that I AM 100% I kid you not, my brain unlocked.There was no longer the labels that kept me confined in a box. I went from barely able to finish 1 book to reading 1 book a week. From barely able to articulate and write my thoughts, to writing books, courses, and all sorts of other daily content. What changed? I discovered how my brain was hardwired to work. I simply wasn’t designed to see black and white. I see life in a full spectrum of colors and problems are not walls. For me problems are a rubix cube. It just needs a little time and effort to rearrange and make it align properly. So by nature that makes me a bit rebellious, and most definitely crazy to the person who plays it safe.

It’s that level of crazy that has lead me to live life to the fullest and walk in my destiny.  With a level of fulfilment so intense that if you were to put me in a traditional corporate setting working a 9-5 I would die or come pretty darn close to it. The minute I took the wheel and ignored the critics. Life changed for the better. It’s had it’s highs and way low moments, yet I wouldn’t have it any other way.