In 2009 when I set out to create my very first product for retail I was stuck. I had the raw materials right but I had no idea how it was all going to come together. I had tried many alternatives but everything was either too messy or cost prohibited for the market i wanted to serve. To be honest I was about to give up.

It was at that moment that I sat on my desk right in front of my computer with my hands on my head and said

“God if you don’t help me figure this out it’s over”.

That’s exactly where I needed to be. The place of total surrender where the natural could now meet with the supernatural inspiration that can only take place when our spirit is open. That night the idea to turn those raw materials into a soap came. I was guided to the right place to learn how to formulate. that very week I went and got everything i needed. I made my first bar of soap.

If it wasn’t enough, my son happened to have an eczema flareup around the same time the bars of soap were ready for testing. It turned out they worked. HIs eczema cleared in record time. I shared it with family and friends and they were getting the same results and my first product was ready for retail.

That taught me probably the most valuable lesson of all. The lesson of including God in my business and all of my affairs. God didn’t do the work for me, He instead unlocked parts of my brain that I needed to retain the knowledge I was lacking. He guided me to the right places at the right time. That’s how i know together we accomplish more. We’re a team.