One of the big changes that has taken place in the market place in the last 4-6 years is that people no longer want to be treated as a number. They want respect, connection and relationship. This is why it’s so important that as you go to market your business you learn the following things.


  • Be Authentic: Being authentic is about so much more than just knowing what to say. It is about being who you really are. the days were we could pretend in front of a camera but live a different life behind them is over. Today’s market can smell a fake miles away. So if you’re goofy, serious, trendy, whatever you are, be that 100% of the time. Sure we all have days where our personality is a bit muted. We all have those days. There is however a difference between chillin and faking it. When you’re not walking in your authentic self you will attract people but only temporarily. Once they catch on they’re gone. Remember it’s not about building a huge social media page. It’s about building a community of like minded people who can uplift, encourage and help one another. You want your brand to be the place that not only money is made, you also want it to be the place where lives are changed. That is the difference.


  • Bring Value:  Sure your product can help a lot of people therefore it is something of value. Well so are the millions of other products on the market today. Why should consumers follow you? why should they take their time to build a relationship with you? Why should they care about your brand? That is the question we all need to answer. The only way to do that is to listen to your tribe and find out what they want and need. Then deliver! That is how they know you care, that you listen, that you are there for more than just their money. The days of constantly talking about your product are over. This is called pimping and it will get you ignored, blocked and banned. So dig deep and learn the song of your people. They will love you for it.


Building a business today is so exciting. Thanks to social media both small businesses and large corporations are on an equal playing field. For once, the market is no longer driven by who has the best TV ad, but rather by who has more soul. So go for it! Show your tribe that you too have soul.