Mrs. J's Golden Nuggets (4)


In my coaching practice many have come to me with a false image of what strength looks like. Yes, there’s times when you have to tap into everything in you and not show your struggle or your pain. However when we fall into the act of pretending we’re perfect and never letting g anyone see us go through a struggle we send a message as leaders that says “we can’t identify”.

In leadership people learn not from our words but what we do. They need to see how to handle the low blows of life. There’s no better way to show that than to let them see you get hit, get the wind knocked out of you, yet you get up. That even with tears in your eyes and your body trembling you can dig deep to find the strength to give the final blow.

When we ignore or pretend to be perfect we set ourselves and others to fail. Frankly people want to follow someone who’s real, who can identify with their life and struggles and that can provide solutions to overcome. Effective and transforming ‪#‎leadership‬ comes from the heart not our ego.