My hubby is a big car guy and absolutely loves fast cars and racing. Little did I know that through his love for cars, speed and NHRA I would learn some valuable life lessons.

I don’t know if you’ve ever watched an NHRA race, but at the speeds they travel specially the Top Fuel dragsters, it’s incredible. Just imagine 2 TOP Fuel dragsters with 10,000 horse power, of 330+ mph. flying down two lanes and crossing it in an average of 4 seconds. Mind blowing!

Now imagine those 2 dragsters crossing lanes at those speeds. (I know this is about to sound like a math problem but I promise it’s not.) What happens if they collide? At those speeds do they have time to correct?  Just the thought is bone chilling. The end results of such a mistake can be catastrophic.

Let’s say they don’t crash, that they miss each other and both cross the finish line. The driver who crossed to the other lane crossed the finish line first. Do they win? Obviously no, the minute they crossed to the other lane they got disqualified for that run.It may not seem like much, it’s just one run. However one run can mean the difference between winning the world championship or having to pack up and go home empty handed.

Well that’s what we do. We run this race constantly crossing the lanes because we see a new shiny thing, or because someone says “I think you would be great at this” not taking into consideration what we are put on this earth to do or what our destiny assignment is. Then we don’t win, we end up getting mad and wonder why. We disqualify ourselves because we lack focus. To win we have to be focused and on purpose.

Timing is important too. NHRA drivers have to go through race school. In there they learn how to drive the vehicle they plan on racing. Until they have passed all of the requirements, they don’t receive their NHRA racing license or the green light to race. They do this because these vehicles have a tremendous amount of power. In the hands of an unskilled driver can become lethal.

How often do we not start our race too soon. Not properly equipped for the task at hand? Depending on what you’re placed on this earth to do, you will experience a time of learning and preparation. For some it’s longer than others, but nonetheless we all have to go through a time of learning and preparing. We have to grow into the person that can handle the task at hand.

Life is a race and every one of us has a lane we need to stay in. That lane is our gift, calling and we are the vehicle. If we want to win the race, it’s not just important that we get the top speed, it is vital that we do so in our lane and at the right time.