Life Coaching Minute at Radical Lives

Life Coaching Minute: I’m gonna touch a topic that will make some very uncomfortable. You’ve been warned 😀 Here it goes:

You believe (not just religion so let’s move past that ideology) what you believe (nothing wrong with that) my question is,

Is your own heart and soul convinced & convicted by that belief or is it a defense mechanism?

So often we hang on to things not because we’ve had an encounter or like some would say an awakening, we hang on to it because we’re either afraid of finding out the truth, we’ve been hurt by someone who stood in the opposite belief or because we’re afraid to rock the boat and break out the box. This keeps us from experiencing true freedom. From seeing & showing ourselves for who we really are.

We walk around making decisions about life, money, career, relationships, faith etc. based on our beliefs. Yet do we really know what they are? Do we really know what we believe? Are we really convinced/ convicted? Why insist in carrying a burden we were never intended to carry? Who is it really for?

My friend I’m not here to tell you what to believe (you have to define this on your own), I’m here to tell you, you need to be very clear on your why and what you believe. It needs to be embedded in your soul. You have to be convinced of it first. If not you will easily be persuaded to walk away from your purpose, your lace of blessing. When we’re not clear on this we’re fair game for confusion, frustration etc. To be whole, at peace and fulfilled we need to be awake to truth.

No need to answer on here, just meditate on this and write it down on pen and paper. Find your place and embrace it. Don’t let past hurts, people and emotions dictate how you live. Love you! #LiveRadical