Toxic environments are the number 1 killer of dreams, callings and relationships. It is vital that we learn to create our environment. Our future depends on it.

That is why I created a Life Manifesto for my self that I’m sharing with you today.

What is a Manifesto? 

  1. 1.
    a public declaration of policy and aims, especially one issued before an election by a political party or candidate.
    synonyms: policy statement, mission statement, platform, (little) red book,program, declaration, proclamation, pronouncement, announcement

    “a party manifesto that would change the course of world politics”

Life Manifesto: 

Say it out loud

I’m never to busy to build great memories, love, make amends, be there for the hard times & the good times, make smiles, build others up, encourage, motivate, lend a helping hand, wipe tears, rebuild what’s broken, grow from mistakes, be a safe place for all to be themselves, create an environment that promotes growth for all and build lasting relationships.

How ever I am too busy for petty gossip, strife, sarcasm, drama, lies, jealousy, grudges, snide remarks, mind games, manipulation, slandering, speaking ill of others, playing victim, judging, following the status quo, settling for less than what God wants to give me and any other destructive, counter productive behavior that hinder inner peace and a thriving relationship with God for myself and others.

This is my manifesto, my life order, my standard. I’m non negotiable, this is how I consciously choose to live my life. Those who choose to live by the standards I’m too busy to entertain have automatically made the choice, I respect it, love them and move on. For I understand that the journey is individual and that I was not created for everyone. Those who resonate with my life & message are the ones that I’ll attract and that’s ok. My mission on earth is to fulfill my calling and destiny. Today I declare It shall be done.


Mrs Jones

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