I was trying to come up with a title for this particular post and I really couldn’t think of anything. Then brainstorming I realized that loving the one you’re with with the perfect title for this blog post. You see I’m not talking about loving your friends, family, or your spouse. I’m talking about loving the one person you’re with every day, that person is you.

I don’t know about you, but there’s a lot of times that I have been very hard on myself and he said things to myself about myself that I don’t think I would ever dare to say to somebody else to their face or behind her back. Words so harsh that should never be pronounced. Yet while I would never say them to somebody else, I find myself at times saying these harsh words to me. My friend this is a self-destructive pattern and I come clean about it because although I’ve come a long way with it, there’s still days where those thoughts try to come into my mind.

In order to have a good relationship with others, we must first learn to have a good relationship with ourselves. So I’m going to ask, how do you treat yourself? What kind things do you do for you? How much attention do you pay to yourself?

I’m going to challenge you to for the next 30 days speak kindly of yourself. I’m going to challenge you to complement yourself, and to speak about the positive things you do every day. Write those positive things down you will be surprised how many great things you do every day, how great you are, yet you don’t notice it because you’re focused on what you’re not.

Today you begin a new chapter, a chapter filled with love, filled with possibilities an filled with gratitude for who you are. I know we all have things that we need to improve, and things that we would like to change. The thing is to strive for improvement, not perfection. Striving for perfection is merely a crutch to keep us from dealing with the issues from revealing who we truly are with our flaws and to pretend to be something that were not. Trying to be perfect only condemns us more, because we realize that the more we try to reach it the further we are from it, making us feel inadequate. It is in the imperfection, in the vulnerability that true beauty rises to the occasion. It’s there that we get to see the amazing human being we are, our strength, our courage, and most of all our worth.

Be free, soar like an eagle today, know that right where you’re at right now is a beautiful place. It is a place where you are getting polished, transformed from that lump of coal that we all were to one of the most beautiful diamonds on earth. You’re in the season of refinement.