One of the things I love the most is time. One way I save time for what I truly want is by using grocery home delivery services. Walmart, Amazon, Wholefoods, Fry’s (Kroger), Basha’s for instance deliver groceries for a small fee. Fresh produce, meats and all.

I spend 30 min max picking out my groceries for the week and paying online. If I go in person the task turns into hour and a half with commute and waiting in line.

That extra hour I just bought for a $5-$10 fee I can spend with family, growing my business or doing anything else that takes priority. And I just provided income for an independent delivery person who willingly works for these companies to provide for their family.

So, is that $5 – $10 delivery fee seem expensive?

At first I used to think it was expensive too. That was until I added up the amount of money I can generate in one hour. Turns out it’s 4 to 5 times more than my entire grocery bill including the delivery fee.

I still go to the grocery store once in a while. However on the weeks where my demand is high and time is very limited this practice has more than yielded results.

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