If you’ve been around for a while, you’ve heard me more than once talk about negative thinking. Out of that many have asked me what is my definition of negative thinking. So here it is.

Mrs. Jones definition on Negative Thinking: Negative thinking is when we engage in thought patterns that are counterproductive and go against the direction or results we want to get. Thoughts that rather than help us overcome the problem keep us stuck in it.


Now let me clarify that thinking positive is not ignoring what’s wrong and needs fixing in or lives. Positive thinking is about being open to solutions and opportunities to grow and learn. When we focus solely on how bad the situation is and how “doomed we are” we leave no room for solutions. Positive thinking is about acknowledging the situation and embracing the “Find a way attitude”. Understanding that while the situation at the moment is not favorable, there’s a solution and the circumstance is temporary and not permanent. Even when dealing with death, we can be positive. We can embrace healing, and coming to terms with loss and honoring that loved one by carrying their legacy.

Hope this sheds some light on my definition of positive thinking and what I’m referring to when I talk about it here on this site and on social media. You’ll get to hear more on this topic and how I came to this definition when the release comes of my personal story in the book I’ve been working on. I’ll share the title when we get closer to release date 😀