Network marketing is one of the fastest growing industries today and for a very good reason. With the economy changes we’ve seen, many industries have either reduces the job openings or have completely been eliminated. This has left a lot of people short on cashflow to care for their daily needs.  Frustrated with the way thing were many have turned to network marketing as their solution. Soon discovering that not only could they leave their 9-5 job and they can control their cash flow.

Today I want to share with you some key behaviors that have helped millions of network marketing professionals grow their businesses and gain control of their financial future. If you find yourself struggling to make it in this industry pay close attention. This is an absolute thing to master if you’re going to make it.


Network marketers study people

To make it in this industry or any business you need to have a genuine interest in people and who they are. People after all are the ones that pay you. If you’re seeing them just as a dollar sign, not only will they pic up on it but dismiss you. No one likes to feel used and dishonor. Great network marketers know this, so rather than becoming hunters they become great at building relationships and getting to know as much as they can about people. Rather than trying to make a sale they seek to see how they can genuinely help that person out. That’s what gets them the sales, they know how to solve problems for other people and improve their quality of life. Therefor turning into an asset for that individual. That’s exactly what you want to be seen as the one who brings solutions. This takes time to accomplish and they’r not afraid to take that time.


They meet new people constantly

Great network marketing professionals never run out of people to talk to. That is because they make it a priority to meet new people and establish new relationships on a daily basis. They’re the ones you will normally see introducing themselves and starting a conversation with just about anyone anywhere. They find a creative way to get that persons contact information and stay in touch with them. Again building a relationship that last. When the time is right the opportunity will come up in an honoring way, that person may or may not be a fit but at the end of the day no relationships or reputations were ruined in the process.


The always work on themselves

Personal development is a must! The only way to sustain a large organization is to constantly be improving our selves, dealing with the baggage. Those who don’t do this, you will see discouraged, quitting and stressed out. Let’s face it, business is demanding. If one doesn’t develop the skills to be able to handle every season that comes with it, they will not thrive. They will instead be buried by the weight of it all. They know that learning to handle no’s, team members leaving or not producing, low sales months etc. is vital. They know that learning to lead their team is also vital. To do that they have to have something to give. So the pour into themselves with coaching, personal development etc. so that they may have something to give.


They learn to handle money

One great thing about network marketing is the money! Yes, once you become skill full at the art of building relationships and inviting people your income can grow dramatically. I’m not just talking about a few hundred dollars, I’m talking about the six figures and million dollar circles. And amy hit that in just a few years but few know how to keep it and not let it own them. So to have sustainable wealth they know that they need to be wise spenders and investors. They know to make plans for their future with that money that will allow them to live their lives but also have for the future.

They teach their team members to be independent as quickly as possible

They know that if they get their team accustomed to depending on them for everything they will not thrive. So great network marketers become great at teaching, training and empowering. They teach how to fish rather than providing the fish for you. They know the success of ones business relies 100% solely on the work and skills one possesses. They will never make it their responsibility to make you do the work. They will encourage you and motivate you but at the end of the day they know that the responsibility to succeed is individual. Our teams need to know this and we need to know this. After all we get paid for what we produce. No work no pay. So cut the umbilical cord and teach them the art of hustle. That’s the only way!


In the end Network Marketing is a fantastic industry that allows many to build financial freedom without the huge overhead of traditional business. Just like any business it will take skills, patience and wisdom to grow and sustain it. It’s not perfect, it’s just better. It still needs to be treated like a business and not a hobby. Those who rise to that level of professionalism will tell you it’s a great day to be Network Marketing!