When my handmade skincare business really started taking off in 2010 I had some opposition something I knew would happen. Every seasoned business person I had talked to let me know that would come. What I didn’t anticipate was that it would come from some of the people I trusted and thought would be my number 1 supporters. In fact 3 of those individuals took me by such a surprise it felt like someone dumped a bucket of ice water on me while standing outside in the middle of a blizzard. It was cold, paralyzing, painful and numbing all at the same time. I almost quit!⠀

The attacks really intensified when I could no longer be as accessible as I used to be. I honestly have to thank God for my husband who in his true military man fashioned essentially told me to put on my big girl pants and carry on with the mission. (He said it way more colorful but we’re gonna keep it PG 😉). I’m so glad he said that mouthful of truth and that I listened. Standing through that storm (and boy was it a storm, I’ll spare you the details) I learned how to have the fortitude, resilience and tenacity to plow through all the junk. Now I could care less whether someone likes it or not.⠀

The way I see it is, unless they’re God ( cause even paying my bills ain’t enough to make me cave in) I don’t change course. My God given destiny goes above all people and things. I will walk in it till the day I die.⠀

Once we get to that place, life is sweet. There’s no paralyzing fear or the rollercoaster of emotions. There’s no manipulation, shame or guilt that can take hold. So when you start to get those people in your life who don’t like your new direction. in the words of Jay Z “brush that dirt of your shoulders” and keep moving forward. Destiny waits for no one.