The posts always sound so good and they’re often the truth. When someone buys from a small business they are impacting that household and their community in a big way. However using the copy paste posts running around social media that speak ill of the big box store or the fortune 500 CEO is not only making you look judgemental but it makes you look like you’re begging for a sale.

To succeed and thrive in your handmade/small business, you don’t have to even speak about who you consider your competitor or throw mud at them.

Instead focus on these things:

  • Finding your ideal client

The reason so many small businesses are not getting the sale is they’re either focusing on too broad of an audience  or thy don’t know how to find the right people for their product. This activity is vital to learn. If not you will always be struggling to get that sale.

  • Creating a product of great quality and value

I’ve seen this a lot, where handmade businesses start to cut corners to compete with products in a big box store. This is a huge mistake. the materials used and the quality are like night and day. What makes handmade unique is craftsmanship, quality materials and the great amount of pride the maker takes in providing something of superior value.  So you’ve going to have to get used to the idea that you’re bar of soap for example will cost $9.00 VS the big box brand that cost $0.79. Understand that you have your market and the big box store has theirs. your job is to focus on providing quality solutions to the needs of your market.

  • Learning everyday how you can use your gift/product/service to improve the life of others.

This is a lifelong journey. Entrepreneurship is something we do for more than just the money. We do it because we love it. We love using our gift to provide solutions, improve the economy and make life better. This means that everyday we have to work on sharpening our skills so we can continue to do that regardless of how the world evolves and technology advances.

If you have a great marketing campaign, fancy packaging but your product/service helps no one or is crap people are not going to consume it. And that my friend is not the big box stores fault.

So the question of the day is, how will you go above and beyond to provide quality and value?