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Have you ever been in the presence of someone who says one thing but you can feel that their words don’t match their intent?  Well you’re not crazy.

As it turns out intentions if you’re really paying attention can be seen, felt and even heard. Our body, spirit and soul have a built-in communication ability that allows us to pick up on the unsaid. This ability is called intuition or discernment.  I can’t stress how important it is to fine tune those skills. In business and in life discernment will help you make wise choices.

This is also why we need to be very aware of our thoughts and intentions. Specially when conducting business. People can read the unsaid. If your services or anything you do for that matter comes from a place of greed, me first who cares about you place, even when you speak kindly to others it will come out. It is important that we serve from the heart. With the intention of wanting that other person to truly gain something from the service we offer. It’s also equally important that if you’re the one soliciting the service that your service provider feels honored and that you appreciate the service they provide.  Too often we have engaged (me included) in transactions that leaves one person feeling used.

Guard your heart from greed, neediness and the me 1st mentality. Don’t get me wrong here. You should desire to grow, prosper and have abundance, after all we’re wired for that. What I mean is that you should guard yourself from having such a thirst for it that you begin to see people as objects and begin to compromise your character and integrity to get it. And yes it will be a huge turn off. People don’t like pressure and they don’t like feeling the weight of your world on their shoulders. When you serve with the intention of serving and giving your best, you’re serving from a place of honor, integrity and love. Yes I said love. Believe it or not when you operate out of love you attract more clients and as a by-product more income.  Everyone like to feel valued and respected.

I encourage you to serve and serve well. To focus on your intentions and actions be in sync. That frequency you produce will be felt and it will yield its fruit.