For a while now I’ve been test driving this tool. I have to admit I was skeptical at first because of the pricing. I’m glad to say I was wrong. It’s a very robust tool for network marketers. 

The Yoobly University has some great tutorials on everything from setting up social media accounts to PPC ads, prospecting and lead pages.  Very detailed and easy to follow. I was impressed at the value because I’ve paid way more to get half of the training they provide.

Their marketing software is a great resource. It allows you to make your own landing pages, manage new leads and keep track of the followup process. You can even schedule and keep track of appointments. 

You can check it out for your self and test drive it for $1.00 if you find that you like it the cost is $29.00 per month.

They also have special 6 month mentoring program that is more hands on and provides you with Yoobly experts that will help you implement and design your strategies and campaigns. There is a fee associated with this service and to my surprise it was very reasonable. This is great if you have little to no experience with this style of marketing. Over all I give them a two thumbs up.

You can check them out and start your own trial at http://goo.gl/SwxjP1