Who’s on your wagon?

I was watching Life Class with Steve Harvey last night when he made an analogy that got me thinking. It was the analogy of a wagon.

He shared how we often allow people in our lives for the wrong reasons and they end up holding us back. That is exactly what I want to talk about today. Look at the picture above and imagine that the puppies are actually people, you can see the two kids struggling to push the wagon. Some people in our lives are those puppies. They’re just going along for the ride. No intensions of contributing or participating in the journey. Are you keeping people in your life because they make you feel guilty? Are these people telling you, don’t forget where you come from. Let me tell you the truth, becoming a better person, achieving goals, and attaining success has nothing to do with where you come from. It has everything to do with your created to be. One never forget where we come from but we’re created by God to fulfill our destiny. This requires one to move forward. You should never feel guilty for carrying out your divine assignment.

Make sure that those in your inner circle are people who understand what a divine assignment is, and the importance of fulfilling it. They won’t hold you back but instead push you to reach your destiny. These are the people that when in your wagon they will push, they will get out and move obstacles out of the way and when you get tired they will help you pull. This is who you want on your wagon. I encourage you to analyze who is with you on the road to success and determine their role. If they’re just deadweight you know what to do.