There’s plenty of people including myself who started with nothings but a vision. Stop making lack of money to start a business the excuse!

When I started my first business in Puerto Rico I was age 17, I didn’t have a dime to my name. I rode the guagua (public transportation) to get to and from school. I often skipped eating lunch because I needed every penny I had to buy supplies and the bus fare. I spent that lunch hour in the classroom refining my skills.

All I had was a diploma as a Nail Tech. I was going to Cosmetology school during the day and some days at night to finish quicker. The competition for jobs at salons was ridiculous. I didn’t let that stop me. I saw a need in the market and I fulfilled it.

With a blow dryer in one hand and a nail filer in the other, I went and started doing in home services. I became the personal traveling stylist for many ladies. People wondered why as a young adult I had nice things; well I hustled. While most people my age were sleeping, I was doing the work.

That hustle didn’t go unnoticed. 3 weeks shy of graduation I was referred by the owner of the school to a friend of his. I was hired that evening by that well know Merengue artist as his makeup artist. All of that lead to me eventually becoming a teacher in the very school I attended all while still serving my clients on the side.

I did all of that with pennies. My income when I started was less than $300 a month. And it had to pay for school supplies, lunches and transportation.

If you want it you will go after it.

The only thing one needs is

  • Passion
  • A good work ethic
  • Ingenuity

When you have those 3, the money comes. So the ball is in your court. Show me; how bad do you want it?