By: Pastor Boller

Many have asked me about the content on my site and social media. Some have even sent nasty grams and unfriended or unlike my pages, because they can’t stand the positive yet challenging message I bring. Yes Nasty Grams! And after reading the last one I’ve felt a big push in my spirit to talk about taking the road less traveled. You see today social media, the new, magazines etc are all filled with sarcasm, negativity, gossip, hate, crime, you name it! It’s literary a sensory overload of CRAP!!!

Yeah CRAP!!! All of this stuff while it is important to know about it (we can’t be blind to the world we live in), we also have a higher calling to go above and beyond the status quo, the norm of our generation. We’re constantly bombarded with so much toxicity that we have witness as a nation and world a dramatic increase in teen suicide, violent crimes by youth to the extent that sending our kids to school is a gamble. The amazing part is so many of us have adopted a mentality that says “all hope is lost”, and that’s simply not true.

I was one of those kids you see on the news. A bully, violent, drinking and drugging, not caring about a thing. I had a lot of people in my life who where fantastic at pointing out what was wrong, constantly condemning, but not once stood in the gap to say “You’re better than this” “you have a purpose”.  After so many struggles to rise from the crap, and see my worth, I learned probably the most valuable lesson of all. That lesson is “Be for others, what you wish you had when you were down and out”.  So yes that’s exactly what I do. Daily while some have a very good and stable life, so many others are broken, desperately looking for some hope, someone to care and love them right where they’re at. For some one to show them the way to the life they desire but have no idea how to get there. I really wish you could read the messages I get my friend. There’s not a day I don’t weep for many of you because of the burden you have. On that same breath I also rejoice with many of you, because GOD has answered prayers, many of you have gotten on your feet, your relationships restored, jobs, babies, just an impressive overflow of blessings.

It is because of this that I’ve chosen to take the road less traveled. Around here it’s not enough to just sell a product. The Radical Lives culture, my culture is to contribute GOOD to society and to everyone that comes in contact with us. So no our message will not change. Today more than ever I’m convince that our world needs more LOVE. I wholeheartedly want to thank you for being a part of this culture. For daily commenting, sharing and telling others about our page. I’m truly honored to have you in this journey.  Because of you I will continue to give my best, and grow. I want nothing more than to honor you and inspire you in your journey.

For those that oppose what we do at Radical Lives. I bless you with all my heart and release you to go where you can be blessed. If this is not the place, by all means I want you to go and find that place you can grow and thrive. It won’t hurt my feelings at all. Because I love you and care, I want you to be in a place that doesn’t hinder you.


Mrs. Jones.

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