Emotional maturity is something not talked about enough. I know that as a child I wasn’t taught about this at all. Having to learn this as an adult was and isn’t easy. It required a whole lot of patience with my self and a few run-ins with the wall of emotions. Then I had kids of my own, and like any parent our dream is to make sure our kids don’t make the same mistakes we did.

This took me looking past the problem of what I wasn’t taught and looking at what I had learned and how I could pass it on to them.

I knew that it was very important to have them learn this so that they would be able to handle life. I had to learn to go past my ego or the fear of offending my elders, and do things different. Now lets be clear I’m not perfect. I make a ton of mistakes everyday. I at times do things that I later have to apologize for. Which brings me to point number one.

Apologize to your kids when you wrong them

 No I’m not saying stop being a parent or become their bestie. What I’m saying is walk your talk. It’s so easy for us parent to tell our children to apologize when they do wrong, to honor others yet, when we do wrong, so often we just try to justify it and defend our ego. This sends out the wrong message. It show not only that we’re egotistical but also hypocrites. Doing this is not a sign of strength it’s a sign of pride and lack of emotional maturity. When we apologize we’re teaching our children that maturity means we know when we’re wrong and we know how to correct our selves. It also teaches that making a mistake does not devalue a person, mistakes are simply life lessons that add value to our lives.

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