I’ve been contemplating and meditating on some events that have happened recently in my life. You know the kind of events that make you want to run an hide because it would be easier than standing our ground.

Unfortunately for our society we have been taught to look for the easy button. When confrontation is needed we instead avoid. When we don’t like what we hear we choose to cut the person off. When we’re hurt we either run or choose to be snide and insinuating rather than being up front.

We have to stop running and start facing the hard stuff. God never ran. It’s Easter weekend as I’m writing this and I can’t help but to ask my self “what is Jesus ran?”

Can you imagine if rather than laying His life on the cross for us He ran instead? It was one of the hardest things he had to do. Confront sin in the face and take it on knowing His father would turn away at sin. Yet He did this for us.

Today God is knocking at our hearts asking us to deal with the hard stuff. The things that wound our ego, humble us, breaks us. The things that are uncomfortable and show us the truth about our own heart. Running only prolongs the pain and the mess in our lives. He wants us to heal and be free. It’s time to forgive, let go, stop rehashing the past and move forward.

It is this difficult road that will lead you to the best years of your life. Years of freedom, never ending joy and abundance in all areas of your life. That is the gift that cannot be found with the easy button. Give your self the opportunity to partake in all the blessings God has for you. He never intended for you to just get the crumbs.


Mrs. Jones