Woke up with this download on the tip of my tongue and had to share it: 
The titanic sank not because it was built poorly, but because it was overestimated. It simply wasn’t built to withstand the frigid temperatures. For that same reason some people perish. They overestimate their skills & knowledge. 
What set Noah apart and saved him wasn’t his lack of skill. One has to be skillful to build an ark. Think about it! To survive in those times, you had to know how to build and make something out of nothing. So to make the assessment that he was “novice” in building and wood crafting is crazy.
 It was the fact that he knew not to overestimate himself and his skill what saved him. He knew when it was time to rely on his skill and when it was time to rely on God’s skills. He knew to listen and follow instructions. 
How many times have we been warned and don’t take advise? The titanic received 6 warnings before it hit the icebergs. 6! That’s how we sink in life, by ignoring the warnings. The warnings are meant to keeps us from a head on collision with the icebergs of life. To keep us from the frigid waters that would destroy our lives because we’re using our ship to sail out of season. 
The ark is being in the right vessel at the right season. It is taking heed to the warnings of life. It is very possible to have the right vessel in the wrong season. Just look at the titanic. 
Take heed of the warning signs of life! It doesn’t have to turn into a catastrophic wreck.