Nothing is more exciting than making the decision to start your own business. It comes with many challenges and a lot of rewards. Yet what I found is that many start this journey without asking themselves the most important question of all. And to be honest if you do not know the answer to this question it will be hard to stay on course. This is why so many quit shortly after they started. No you maybe asking yourself what are earth is the question so here it goes.


What is your why?


Yes I know it’s simple question, but it is the most important question you’ll ever ask. Your why is the fuel that will keep you going when things don’t goes planned, when the obstacles come, and even once you’ve reached your goal. And I want to break down how answer this question past the obvious which is money. At first most who who decide to become entrepreneurs start because of the money and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that. But what I want you to do is define the why you need the money. You see most people set out a goal of making XYZ dollars. Yet when they reach that goal many are dissatisfied and even rating call it quits. So once you’ve determined how much money is it that you’re wanting to are you business I want you ask yourself, why do I want that much money?


This is what I call making a goal with soul. Is it because you’re trying to pay off debt? Is it because you want to provide your child with a better education? Is it because you want to cut down your hours so that you could spend more time with your family? Do you see the picture now? When your why is more than just a dollar sign, you’ll find it in you to dig deep and go after your goal. Because now it’s personal, it’s about your kids, your freedom, family etc.


The next time you set a goal ask yourself why. Make your why with passion, make it with soul. You’ll find the strength, courage, and motivation to keep going.