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You know for years I was so guilty of falling into the looser category. Not because I wasn’t smart, it was just that my mindset was not in the right place. I focused so much on the things I messed up, the things, I lost and the things that went wrong that I failed miserably to see that I was on the path to success all along. You see winning in life is not about luck but rather a journey of lessons learned and skills developed.

I don’t know if you’ve heard of Mr. James Cash Penney better known as JC Penney. His story is just mind blowing. He tried for years and I mean years only to fail time after time. It wasn’t until his 70’s that his dream became a true success. The amazing thing is even in the great depression when others were closing their doors for good he found a way. It was that tenacity to get up and keep trying that has left us with a multi billion dollar empire we all know and JC Penny. It was his countless mistakes and failures that led him to develop the system that worked.

My friend that is exactly how life works. Imagine if those who have created cures for many illnesses quit because it got hard, inconvenient, or discouraging! You and I may not be here today. One of those nasty plagues would have probably gotten a hold of our parents before we would even become a thought. But it was the fact that their passion was burning deep within their soul, that they maintained the fuel to keep going.  This means that no matter what anyone said they knew in their heart they could achieve it.  That is exactly where you have to be to conquer and reach your goals. I personally have to be in that frame of mind everyday. Yes me! I have nay sayers surrounding me, people who look for the easy way out and even those who will willingly try to stop or sabotage because of their insecurities. In my business journey I’ve had people slander me, try to rob me, cheat me, copy me, lie to me,  you name it people have done it. Some while smiling at me and saying I love you. It was disheartening, at times I wanted to give up. But you know what I’m glad I didn’t, this journey only becomes more exiting as the days go by.

what is it that brought you to the journey you’re in today? What drives you? What is your dream? I want you to keep the answer to those questions alive in your heart and soul. When the tough gets going, look at those answers get inspired and keep moving forward. I already know that in you there’s greatness waiting to be unleashed. I know that God has placed a gift in you for the rest of this world. Now it’s time to tap into it and let it shine. Those who only see your flaws are your refining fire. Let them be the ones who add fuel to the fire of your success. For every flaw they point out is actually a blue print of the path you’ve paved for those who will fallow.  It is those very failures that will give you the opportunity to teach someone else down the road the do’s and don’ts that will catapult them to their greatness. Stay encouraged!


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