One of the things that I have observed while consulting small businesses and their teams is that the teams that care about each other like family thrive. The teams that constantly nag, fight and gossip fail. In fact some of those businesses are completely out of business because of it. The environment got so toxic it imploded before they even got off the ground.

It is impossible for to build a business and a winning team with division. There’s already enough challenges and stress. Add division and there’s no glue or foundation to keep everyone standing when the storms come.

One particular case was that of a service driven business. The problem was the owner was the first to gossip and mistreat the team. Can I tell you the entire team started mistreating each other, they stop doing their job and used company hours to do personal things. After advising the owner to correct themselves and their team, the owner did nothing. I ended the contract. That business never got a single client and they closed their doors 4 months after opening. thousands of dollars down the drain because of it.

So if you see it rise in your organization, nip it in the bug immediately. If you want to win, unity needs to be a priority.