I hear it often from many parents joining the entrepreneurship ranks. How do I get it all done with kids? The quick answer is your work with them. I know doesn’t say much so here is the full scoop on this issue.


Build your schedule around your family

Yes, if you know your toddler takes a nap at 2, schedule your phone and web meetings for that time. Do dishes and clean when they’re awake. Most kids just want your attention so make chore time a time of doing something together. If your kid is sick, this means you may have to either take a few days off or work at night once they’re in bed. When you have to get it done and no is not an option get help. Hire a sitter for a few hours, take your child to a daycare for the day or to grandma & grandpa’s house. Look the whole point of this is not to to stop your hustle but rather find a way to get it done.

Be realistic about the time you really have

So many think they have all the time in the world and suddenly come to the realization that they’re stretched too thin. You have to be selective and know what to say no to. Saying yes to every door that opens is a good way of loosing momentum and your vision. Don’t commit to a 48 hour al nighter if you know you have children at home and a spouse who works 12 hour days. You’re gonna end up pulling your hair out and becoming a grouch with your kids.


Give your self grace

Hey while it’s important that you spark the hustle and be productive, there’s just times when things are not going to go as planed. Those are the time that you just need to let go and embrace that moment for what it is. Learn from it, implement a plan for the next time it happens and adapt. Unless you have a 24/7 nanny living at home with you, there’s going to be a lot of adjusting and adapting. get used to it and rather than beating yourself up learn to thrive. Parenting is a great training ground for entrepreneurship. It’s unpredictable, constantly changing, challenging and rewarding. Just think of it as your bootcamp on resiliency and mental toughness.