So you get approached by someone selling a new and fantastic product. They invite you to see the opportunity and you say yes. You’ve seen the posts about the products so you’re a bit interested. After it’s all said and done you express that you only want to be a customer. But somehow you get convinced to buy a business package because of the “discount” and told you never have to do a thing with the business side.

Has this happened to you?  Have you done this to someone?

This is the famous kitNapping. Seems very innocent yet it’s so detrimental to our industry the ‪#‎networkmarketing‬ industry, our clients and those building a business in it.


What’s wrong with KitNapping

Who doesn’t love a good bargain? I know I do, the problem with this is you’re devaluing your product or service and essentially stating that it’s not worth paying full price for. Get your clients used to paying discounted prices for your products, not only will they never buy at full price but you will always be working for pennies. This practice is one of the top reasons so many in the direct sales / network marketing industry have huge organizations but barely make enough to keep the lights on.

While this practice may get you to qualify for fast start bonuses and rank advancements it is filling your organization with fake business partners. Understand that every person who purchase a promoter stater kit is essentially becoming your business partner. The last thing you want as a business partner is dead weight. Save those kits, for the ones who see the vision and are ready to build a business with you.


The pushy approach

We’ve all read the books and watched the videos that say be persistent. Don’t take no. They’re objections, they will come around. While there is some truth to this, there is a point where you cross from persistent to down right pushy. This is not a good place to be.  So what does pushy look like?

  • Sending the person message after message to buy your product or join the opportunity
  • bringing the topic up at every conversation you have with the person
  • constantly tagging, adding to groups or events without permission
  • flooding your social media pages with nothing but the opportunity and your products.

Cringing? I know I’ve made those mistakes too. We all do at the beginning. The important thing is that we recognize that it’s the hard way of doing business and we correct it. This practice turns people off and even get’s you blocked. Some have even lost friends because of it. Instead do this.

  • Use the 80/20 rule this means 80% of the time you post on your social media about your life, inspirational posts, tasteful jokes, etc. and 20% of the time you post about your products and opportunity.  This means you post 8-10 post a day and only two of those will be about what you promote and sell for a living.
  • Stop using your personal facebook profile for marketing. I know many network marketers have had a lot of success with it but that’s no excuse. First things Facebook is clear on this. It is against their use licence agreement to use personal profiles for business use. the correct page is the business pages. Now before you get mad at me, I want you to see this with me. Think of your online space as a brick and mortar shop. Cities have strict laws that say if you have a business with a lot of traffic, you can’t do it from home. Why? because it causes disturbance to your neighbors and a parking issue. Your neighborhood is not built to hold the same amount of crowds the mall is on a daily basis. That’s your FB personal profile. 5,000 max and super security settings that can prevent potential clients from seeing you. After all you’re hidden. The FB business pages is the mall. You have plenty of parking, it’s well lit, it’s in a very visible location and you get to learn more about the people frequent your shop. rather than forcing your neighbors to deal with your business, you’re set up in a place where people come willingly and ready to do business with you.


Lack of confidence 

Yes! people can tell when you’re all in with the product and when you’re not. I get it a lot of times we love the product but are new to the industry and that can affect our confidence levels. So here’s the trick. Knowledge & skill kills fear. Building a business is a skill. Anyone can learn it and be successful at it. It just takes some time. There’s no shortcuts. So take the time to learn new things, learn all you can about your company, products and opportunity. learn about marketing, social media, people and your target market etc. Try new things, if it flops, re evaluate and try again. Keep at it. That is how we build confidence and get results. I promise you the more you do this the better you’ll get and before you know it, you’ll be getting the results you want.