I remember the day I realized there was more in me birthing than just a skincare line. Now I laugh about it, but back then I was terrified! Everything in me was screaming “open your mouth and release your gift”. Yet my mind was saying “don’t you dare, you’re just a skincare manufacturer”.

Needless to say my gift won lol. The first day I released it, I did it in an email to my clients. I simply sent an encouraging message. In my mind I was sure they were going to unsubscribe from the newsletter and want nothing to do with me. Well, it never happened. What came instead was a flood of emails saying “thank you I needed that”.

That was the start and I haven’t stopped since. At the time I didn’t know it was a setup from destiny. You see just two years after releasing my gift life changed. Out of nowhere I developed a life threatening condition that would force me to leave the skincare manufacturing industry for good. Little did I know that would be the start of the vision I was nurturing from 4 years earlier. Now 7 years in I can tell you destiny will often show up when we’re most comfortable, and have the most to lose.

I’ve learned that even in I’m afraid I have to say “Do it anyways”. It is in those do it anyways moments that the miracles happen and we discover what we’re truly made of. Moving forward even when I was afraid was the best thing I ever did. Life is amazing when walking in destiny. I simply wouldn’t have it any other way.