Opening a storefront used to be the number one way to scale most business that retail consumer goods.  But what if you don’t want a retail store? Are you stuck?

The good news is you’re not. Thanks to technology and the evolution of business you can still scale your business to compete with the big brands and not have to have a single store front.

Here are just a few ways to scale your business without opening a storefront :

  • Independent sales reps. These are brand evangelists. Their job is to help you move product and get your brand out there. You can have a few or many. It’s up to you how you want to do that. I personally did this in my business with great success.


  • Consignment at high end boutiques and other reputable high traffic shops. This is another great way to do it. This allows you to spread the word about your product in well established and trusted shops in that community. There is some minimal cost involved as most consignment contracts have a commission fee, how ever it far out weighs the cost. This route gives buyers a chance to get their favorite product right away without having to wait for it to be shipped.


  •  Amazon. Yes, Amazon is a great place to sell product. In fact, this was one of the biggest channels of income my handmade business had. Now with the addition of Handmade by Amazon, and Amazon FBA you have access to their customer service, shipping prices and more. I can’t say enough things about Amazon FBA. You make your product, package it and ship it to their ware house. Your only job after that is to let the world know they can buy your product on Amazon. Them handling the fulfillment and customer care issues when it comes to shipping and returns, gives you the freedom to use your time for your craft.

The possibilities are endless. It just takes a little thinking outside the box. But with a little research and testing the waters you too can scale your business and make the income you want without having to open a storefront.