Hello, I want to welcome you to the first article of leadership Tuesday. I decided to create leadership Tuesday, as a resource for many of you out there who have been asking me how did I build my business, and how do you help other people. I’m no stranger to leadership, I’ve been in leadership since I was a very young girl. I have recognized that it is a gift that’s in me. Knowing the responsibility of leadership is probably the thing that kept me from writing these articles that I’m doing today. Having worked with many people from many backgrounds, I see the great responsibility that comes with leadership. Leading is not about power or recognition, after all it’s people’s lives that we affect every day with our every action or decision. It is not about perfection either, one simply cannot lead in something they have not overcome themselves. In order to teach them to become something you first have to be that which you teach. It has to be woven into your every fiber and a part of your daily life.

And that brings me to today’s topic, what does it take to get it done? The first thing that’s most vital for any leader, is to work on themselves. Personal development is a lifelong journey not a destination. It really doesn’t matter if running a business, if we’re coaching or leading at home with our kids or whether we’re at church or in a volunteer position. Great leadership starts with leading ourselves. That is where the integrity of leadership is born.

So today I’m making a challenge to all those who are in leadership or call to leadership. Let’s work on ourselves more than we work on others. That is the only way to lead genuinely with integrity and build character. It is our actions that will speak the loudest message into the lives of those who are exposed to us.