Most entrepreneurs want to hide their failures. It’s almost like people think entrepreneurs have to nail it the first time. When in reality failures is what teaches us how to get success. I won’t bore you with three paragraphs of pointless chatter because if you’re anything like me you want to get the meat right away. So here is the juicy steak!


  1. Hire character not skills: Skills can be taught any time. Simple training does the trick. Character, good values and integrity on the other hand are something one already has to have.  The worst thing in the world is having to deal with cleaning up the mess from the shady person. This goes for network marketing too.
  2. Who you take advise from is critical:  I unfortunately at one point in my life took advise from the broke peanut gallery and ended up with nothing but shells. When it comes to your business the good intentions of others is not enough, you need to get the advise from someone who’s already been there and has the t-shirt.
  3. Before you move on up make sure you can sustain it: This is vital, if you try to grow faster than your skill set, manpower or budget allows you to, not only could you be stretching yourself too thin but you could also bankrupt your business before it even gets a chance to take off.  So know when to go fast and furious and when to slow down.
  4. More hours doesn’t equal more mula:  You read right, Business is not about exchanging hours for dollars, it’s about leveraging skills and value. So before you thing you have to disown your family, forget you have friends and live on energy drinks, have a good thinking session. Look for ways to get more done in less time, eliminate the things that don’t produce and eliminate distractions. That way you can maximize your time and earning potential and still have something that resembles a life lol.
  5. Don’t be too quick to delegate: Now I’m not talking about micro managing or having the helicopter syndrome. That’s just crazy and needs a post all of its own. I’m talking about the delusion we all get when we see good money coming in fast. We take off and leave someone else to run the show. While that’s a goal many entrepreneurs have and can be done, doing too soon can spell disaster. In the baby stages of your business or when launching something new, you need to be present and looking closely at all that activity. You need to be the flight control and let your team know when to land and when to take off.  Even when they can fly solo you need to be checking in. You want to keep people honest but also see the areas that need work before they become a problem. If you’re disconnected by the time you see it it’s too late.
  6. Don’t let your emotions make the decisions:  When you’re in a highly emotional state just stop and put yourself together. Odds are that once you’re calm you’ll not only see things different but will also have ideas flowing that will help you move forward.

I have so many more to share but we would need to write a book. So I’ll leave you with these for now.  I want to encourage you fail often and learn from it fast. That’s how we get good at building our own success formula.


One book I highly recommend  is Entreleadership by Dave Ramsey. He’s put 20 years business experience into this book for us to learn from.  I’ve read it now multiple times and I’m not disappointed at all. Even purchased it in audio because the information is that valuable.