Ever been around an amazing person, you know those people that are so remarkable they seem flawless. It’s something about how they carry themselves and they way they do things that it just seems like pure perfection. And then here comes that chatter box! Accusing of not being good enough, you’re unworthy etc. The head junk just flows with no end in sight.

Can we say it now? It has nothing to do with that person and everything to do with us.
The minute we realize that, the sooner we can silence that chatter box and become free.

The root of that chatter box is nothing more that preconceived ideas, mindsets and ideologies we’ve beed feeding ourselves since we were kids. We all have these mental pictures that were painted there by conversations, books, society, religion etc.

If we grew up in a home where the rich were all evil, greedy and selfish. No matter how bad we want to prosper financially, until we fix that mindset, we will always struggle to make ends meet and when we have the opportunity to prosper we will self sabotage it. All because we have a deep rooted belief that if we prosper and become well to do financially, we’re now becoming evil, greedy and selfish.

All those insecurities are pointing out is, that we have a poor belief system that needs fixing. It’s based on judgements we’ve made of others and now we’re judging our selves based on those parameters we defined. Whatever we judge we reject. Whatever we reject we can’t attract or become. Let’s stop and let that sink in.

Whatever we reject we can’t attract or become.

I know, tough pill to swallow! It took me a while to lear to swallow this pill. None of us ever want to admit that we are judgemental. Yet we are! We all do it to some extent. The good thing is we can all change. We can begin to deal with those deep rooted beliefs that may be faulty and replaced them with those beliefs that give the type of fruit we want in our lives.