One of the things that I had to learn when I started my own business was the fact that the ball started and stopped with me. That, in all honesty, was a hard pill to swallow. I had nobody else to blame for what happened or didn’t happen in my business.

The minute I understood that is the minute everything changed in my business. I stopped waiting for others to do something to help me and I started to do whatever it takes. This means if I didn’t know something I found a way to learn it. If something didn’t work, I looked for what did work. What I didn’t have in smarts I put in, in time.

I worked harder, longer and more passionately than others. That’s how I managed to accomplish the things that I have.

It was all a matter of me deciding what was more important to me, results or my excuses. The minute I chose results was the one and the only option, success was just around the corner.

That’s how I’ve built every business I have. Yes, now I have more resources and have coaches, service providers etc. however at the beginning, all I had was time because money was tight.

So what’s it going to be? Excuses or Results?


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