20140121-235832.jpgIt was 2008 and I was at the lowest of low. Finances, health it was all falling apart. It was in the middle of what I thought was going to destroy me that I found who I really was. You see until then I was living life based on the words others spoke over me. I tried to find my identity in the words and actions others had towards me. Needless to say that left me exhausted and hopeless. I was depressed and constantly having an emotional roller coaster so violent that even the the bravest of people would pay not to get on.

It was also that year that something changed in me. After finding my self bed ridden and forgotten by those I seemed approval from, the light went on. Something (more like God) spoke to the depth of my soul. A new sense of direction was birth. It was at that very moment that I saw for the 1st time who I really was. I finally saw my worth. At that moment my eyes opened to the truth. That very day I set out to be the real me. To no longer hide the gift God had put in me to encourage, build up and raise others and my self to greatness.

I was on top of the world. ” I am woman hear me roar”. Unstoppable, felt like super woman. Now just as quickly as I made my great announcement to the world that the real Fe was in the house and unpacking to stay, the resistance came.

You see there was some who wanted the pushover, the one who would curl up and cry, take the beating. That was just not going to happen anymore. This girl had found a back bone, grew wings and learned to fly. Looking around me I found my self asking a simple question. It was simple but had great depth. What do I do when the support isn’t there? That question led me to a great lesson on love.

You see when we find opposition our instinct tells us “fight back, get even, forget those fools”. Yes to an extent we have to forget the fools. There will be people and situations we just have to say good bye to for good. There’s also those people that just got so used to how we thought them to treat us, that their lost. It is those who most of us fight against. But the truth is I created that monster…

Sneak peek to my next book coming out December 2014

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